What Makes A Good Logo?

Who would’ve thought one design could be seen throughout an entire nation? Who would’ve imagined a check could be placed on everyone’s shoe? Who would’ve forecasted one simplistic idea becoming the next trendsetting concept? Companies like Nike have created a designated logo by stretching a drawing board thought into a branded emblem. I believe creating a good logo includes uniqueness, versatility, and something timeless.

Everyone wants something unique. Every person seeks an idealistic symbol that not only stands out but stands apart from everything else. In doing so digging to the core of your company produces results. What are you trying to say? What is the purpose of your business? What is something that relates to your companies name? (Antonelli, 2014) I believe these are all essential questions that will bring us to the center of brilliant ideas! Through the search of a unique logo, collaborative brainstorming is a key to success on the journey. It is imperative but not always mandatory to have a creative team, but it may help back you on your pursuits. (Antonelli, 2014) It is also important to research what other companies in your industry have created as logos. (Miranda, n.d) I imagine how many people might have thought of a smiley face logo like Wal-Mart but never got around to copyright it. What tends to happen in most cases is that “bright idea” has already been created.

Kay Miranda states, “You should also run a trademark search through the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office website, using the Trademark Electronic Searching System. This is important to make sure your logo doesn’t infringe on another company, which can lead to lawsuits. ” (Miranda, n.d) Nobody wants to get in trouble so make sure you do your homework!

A main piece when evolving a logo is to make something versatile. My biggest concern when working on logos is not always how it may look in one perspective but all perspectives. Usually I’ll brainstorm to see how many different ways I can present my logo. I always ask myself, “Will it look good in black on a white surface? Or maybe white on a black surface?” A color also portrays a sense of emotion. (Lamancusa, 2003) From the Creative Latitude on colors, Kathy Lamancusa says,

“Understanding our emotional reaction to color is important in advertising, fashion, product design, graphic design, and architecture.” “Red alerts us to pay attention.” “Yellow symbolizes energy” “Green signifies life.” (Lamancusa, 2003)

Whether it’s a tech store, Construction Company, or even a flower depot, colors completely immerse our interest. Throughout the creative process, I try to explore all the possibilities of my ideal logo. Ideas are never single minded so let the drawing board be a beautiful disaster. Find out what sticks and don’t be afraid to switch things up when necessary.

            When I began the process of creating my logo for my company I wanted something everyone would remember. I thought of many different ideas, wrote them out, and even tried drawing them first. Finally I came to the design of a triangle and a G inside it to represent my company, Goldin Productions. I worked about a month and a half for a simplistic logo. In essence, when creating something it may take time even for something simple but the reward is far beyond. By investing time to make something unique can pay off in the long run. Recently I was reading an article by Today I Found Out. The article was referring to the process of creating the Nike logo by Carolyn Davidson. In her attempts to create a logo for Nike, she received $35 for the Nike check design. (Hiskey, 2013) She worked earnestly for 17.5 hours scribbling and scratching to make the perfect logo. Being friends with the founders of Nike she began to understand what they were looking for. While working on the design she said, “Oh, he loved Adidas. That was part of my problem. He loved the Adidas stripes, he loved them. Well, when you really love something, try to get somebody to look over here at something different.” (Hiskey,2013) She understood the idea of making something that grabs attention. A logo is supposed to pull and drive others to look at your brand. (Luca, Aradhna, Elder, 2014) Most certainly that logo will always be iconic when you understand your meaning and purpose.

            A logo is the face of your company. I believe a unique, versatile, and a timeless brand is very important factors in creating a logo. If we can take the time and be patient enough to evolve our logos, our brand can have so much meaning. Every line and detail means so much in your business.



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