This blog is about what makes a good logo for a company/brand. Its about creating some type of design that stands apart from the rest. In this blog I will have my own personal critique on what I believe is memorable and relevant. I will begin to discuss the strategies I use in creating that imprint. I will also discuss what adapting adjustments can be made throughout the course of your logo, without any major changes.  A logo, in fact, will set business, brands, and companies apart from each other. The audience for my blog post is for starting up businesses and brands. I chose this audience because most starting up businesses are trying hard to brand him or herself. Most people have the vision for their brand, but they cannot portray an image of it. That’s where I come in and thats what this blog is all about!

To explain a little bit about myself, I am a landscape and portrait painting artist. On a day-to-day basis I have clients that ask for specific types of paintings. It may be a picture of their daughter, or a landscape of Minnesota’s crop fields, or maybe something completely abstract. Throughout the course of the year I have sold over 70 paintings for all types of homes. I believe with the same technique I use in painting in can be done with a logo design. Something you can hang and say, yes, I like that. I take enjoyment in grabbing the information of someone else’s vision and helping that come to pass. Now, there are many technical terms and programs that differentiate the two but they are more alike in the creative instinct. Alongside of that I have much experience in Photoshop, Illustrator, and Web Design programs that will back up my information. I believe this blog will not only inform but inspire others to create too.


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